Drilling Fluid Additives
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Environmental Products
EASY-OUT 100 Specialty blend of oil-soluble surfactants for freeing differentially stuck pipe, non-weighted.
EASY-OUT 200 Oil-soluble, surfactant and asphaltic blend producing an emulsion for differentially stuck pipe, weighted.
GLO CARBO BEADS Small carbon beads that reduce torque and drag of the drill string; replaces glass and plastic beads.
GLO DET CD Fatty surfactants that wet before the bit and help increase penetration rate.
GLO DET M Powdered surfactants for fresh and saltwater muds to improve lubricity and slips.
GLO DET ML Liquid form of GLO DET M for reducing slip and drag of all water-based systems.
GLO-G-LUBE Graphite material for reducing torque and drag of the drill string.
GLO GRAPHITE Powdered graphite product that plugs porous formations, reducting mud loss.
GLO LUBE 100 Oil-based mud lubricant for water-based mud systems.
GLO LUBE 200 Water-based mud lubricant for water-based mud systems.
GLO LUBE 888 Environmentally-friendly, oil-based lubricant for water-based mud systems.
GLO LUBE EXTREME Concentrated, environmentally-friendly lubricant designed to reduce torque and drag in extreme conditions.
GLO LUBE WS General water-soluble lubricant for high temperature and pressure applications.
GLO LUBE XP Biodegradable lubricant for bit balling and gumbo shale problems.
GLO SLICK 90 Environmentally safe liquid additive that lubricates the hole reducing torque and drag; builds thin, slippery filtering cake and aids in overcoming shale problems.
GLO SLICK P Siliconized graphite that forms a slippery surface on the pipe and well bore reducing torque and drag; lowers fluid loss and protects troublesome shale formation.
GLO SURF 100 Water-soluble surfactant extremely effective in replacing diesel oil in water-based mud systems; contains the lubricating properties of oil.
GLO SURF 200 Blend of water-soluble surfactants, which greatly reduces the “balling” of drill solids; compatible with most drilling fluids.
GLO SURF 300 Oil-in-water emulsifier for oil wetting rubbing metal surfaces; reduces torque and friction and minimizing sticking.
GLO-X-LUBE E Extreme pressure lubricant for water-based systems; environmentally safe and non-toxic.
GLO-X-LUBE 100 Environmental oil-based lubricant used to reduce torque and drag of the drill string.
GLO-X-LUBE 125 Oil-soluble, high temperature, high pressure lubricant
GLO-X-LUBE 150 High temperature, high pressure, non-polluting, biodegradable lubricant for water-based mud systems.
GLO-X-LUBE 200 Extreme pressure, water-based lubricant for water-based system.
GLO-X-LUBE 300 Specialty blend of water-soluble surfactants, which greatly reduce the “balling” of drill solids.
GLO-X-LUBE 400 Environmentally enhanced glycol-based lubricant for reducing torque and drag of the drill string and reducing friction at the bit.
GLO-X-LUBE 500 Glycol-based lubricant which emulsifies into water-based mud systems providing high temperature lubrication.
GLOBAL LFT Liquid blend of GLOBAL SFT.
GLOBAL SFT One sack blend of air blown asphalt, dispersants emulsifiers and cake dehydrating agents utilized to free differentially stuck pipe.
LUBE MASTER Liquid concentrate exhibiting superior properties for shale inhibition and lubrication in water-based drilling fluids.
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